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If you live in Braunton, Wrafton or Knowle
and find you need a bit of help due to the current COVID
Call or email today. 
If you could offer any help as a BCN volunteer, would like to stay
 updated on current and relevant local news,
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pandemic due to self-isolation or other reasons.

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about us.

Braunton Community Network is a local  neighbourhood project providing a co-ordinated support system for the vulnerable and isolated in our community during this time of risk and uncertainty. 

A partnership between Braunton Parish Council and key community member groups has created a system to match the needs, skills and availability of our community members to offer help to those that need it most. We all travel this uncharted COVID-19 road, together.


How it Works...

Everyone that lives within the Braunton/ Wrafton area needs to Register as a Community Member. By registering you agree to very limited management and sharing of your Personal Data according to our Privacy Statement and GDPR policy outlined here.


You will have a number of Areas of Support that can be selected to indicate important information such as ‘Willing to Volunteer’, ‘In Isolation’, ‘Children in Home’, or ‘Vulnerable’ amongst others.


Volunteers will act as Street Co-ordinators for those homes requiring assistance in their immediate location. The more volunteers the lighter the load, so to speak. This also allows the community to provide a catch-all mesh across the village, so no-one falls through the net.



Our team.

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If you have any queries or feel you could help the team in any way, please get in touch.

01271 316590